First and foremost, I was accepted by Harvard!
Thank you so much for all of your help with that sensitive letter. Your openness, enthusiasm, and optimism was absolutely what I needed at a time with such limited chances.

Apparently it all paid off and I will be attending Harvard University after taking a gap year!

I cannot thank you enough.

— Larry, accepted to Harvard

Today I just found out I got accepted into Cornell’s College of Engineering! And about two weeks ago, on Pi day, I’m still in shock about this one – I got into MIT!

Thank you again for your help pulling my essays and the letter of continued interest together at the last moment. It would have been really tough to stay focused and push through quality applications in the last few weeks without your help. Now I’m in the incredibly lucky position of having great choices to pick from.

Your help definitely helped me with CMU and Cornell essays tremendously, but the brainstorming and writing process also gave me material for my other RD applications.

Thanks again!

— Brandon, accepted to Cornell and MIT

I just wanted to check in after officially submitting my last college application. Thank you so very much for all of the work you helped me chug through. Thank you for cutting down my long-winded rambles, for helping me not procrastinate (too much) on these essays, and for forcing myself to be vulnerable and truly look within. Although I have yet to get into college, I am confident that I am going to be just fine. College is truly what you make of it, but you have certainly already taught me to look even deeper into myself and everything I experience. I could not have done it to this level with you.

By the way, I brought in my general and environmental action essays to be used as speeches for Acadec, and my normally-harsh AP English teacher/coach has commented that they are the best on the team. 

Thank you again!

— Maggie, accepted to Smith (Part 1)

I wanted to let you know that I was accepted to Smith College and URochester!

In both of their acceptance letters, the admissions counselor specifically mentioned my unique story and details to have been part of the reason for my acceptance.

Not only that, but the speech that you helped me craft ended up winning me a silver medal at the Acadec Nationals in April!

I look forward to attending the University of Rochester this fall; but in the meantime, I am excited to begin my summer internship at an international NGO consulting firm. It’s a job that will entail lots of writing, but my employer was convinced after reading a few of my college and English essays that I would be a good fit for the position.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for your knowledge, patience, dedication, and thoughtfulness. You made my senior year (and the summer before it) so much more bearable, and you helped me really understand the course of my life so much more through your careful observation and guidance. I wish you the best of luck in any future endeavors – continue to inspire and change the world!

With gratitude,

— Maggie, accepted to Smith (Part 2)

Both Rose and I are very grateful for the help you have given to Matthew in the past years (as well as what you have done for Jessica). You are outstanding! We will definitely recommend you to our friends.

Thank you again!

— Jiping, parent

Thank you for all your help, especially in writing college essays. I went from having no idea what to write about to becoming more passionate in my essays. You helped breathe life into my writing and I’m sure that it was my college essay that helped to distinguish me from the other applicants. You knew exactly what colleges want to look at and helped me find a topic I didn’t even know I can be passionate about. Thank you so much for not only being a great teacher but also a great friend.

— Rosy, accepted to Amherst College and Wellesley College

Working on college essays with you was one of the most memorable and precious experiences, by sharing my personal stories and art work with you, with your help, I not only finish my application neatly ahead of time, but I also looked at myself in deeper surfaces and different perspectives which led to a more complete understanding of myself. Thank you so much again, it was a wonderful experience!

— Tian, accepted to NYU

As an international new-comer in 2010, I was lucky enough to have the chance to work with Elizabeth during my junior year. I never feltl nervous working with her and she could always give me some best tips on English. My SAT writing score rose from less than 640 to 740 and I got 12 in essay. With her help, I became so interested in my English class at school that I always get better writing grades than my native-speaker classmates now! Thank you Elizabeth! You are the best!”

— Rui, accepted to Tufts

I just got into Tufts today!!!!!! I’m absolutely thrilled!

I also received my IB results the other day and I got a 6 in English! The maximum score is a 7 and I really wasn’t expecting such a good score, so thank you so much for your help! Below is the break down of my English grade, which I just received:

Paper 1 (unseen commentary): 6/7
Paper 2 (commentary on Things Fall Apart/Heat and Dust/Heart of Darkness/Wide Sargasso Sea): 7/7!

Thank you so much, especially for the help with my paper 2! Your classes have really helped me and I couldn’t have achieved this score without you. 🙂

Thanks again!!

— Emily, accepted to Tufts

The essay is great.

I love the way you helped me describe the environment and I really appreciate your help.

Honestly, you are one of the best writing teachers I have ever met.

— Kevin, accepted to NYU

I’m excited to tell you that I was accepted early decision to Wesleyan University! I’m beyond ecstatic right now, and so thankful for all the help and support you’ve given me throughout this whole process. You’ve helped me more than anyone else has! Again, thank you so much!

— Jake, accepted to Wesleyan, Early Decision

Well done helping Sammy bring her essay together! I cried when I read it. As you know its a frustrating process for a kid to engage in this type of project, full of lots of free, conflicting advice. I couldn’t be happier with the way you helped her bring it all together!

— David Marcus, parent

Hi!! Elizabeth! I just found out that I was accepted by NYU 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!! I am so hyper right now!! Thank you for all of your help!!!!

— Tian, accepted to NYU

I got a 12 on my SAT essay! Thank you so much for your help. At first I was skeptical of your method but it really worked. I am super happy with my results! Thanks again!

— Pooja

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me SO MUCH with this college process. I have heard back from 7 of my 9 schools. I was accepted to the Commonweath Honors College of UMass Amherst, Boston University (with a very large financial aid package), Tufts University and University of Pennsylvania. After you pushed me to write about UPenn, the more I thought about the school, the more I loved it. So Penn became one of my top choices and I was more than delighted to receive my acceptance email today! They also gave my family enough money that it would be possible for my family to afford Penn.

Thank you so much again!

— Carina, accepted to UPenn

I was accepted to Carnegie Mellon University! Thank you so much for everything. The essays that you helped me with are without a doubt essential to the success of my application. I am very grateful for your help.

— Rich, accepted to Carnegie Mellon, Early Decision

I got a likely letter from Yale!! An admissions officer called me with the news today and I am beyond excited, especially for a school a little closer to home. Just thought I’d let you know 🙂

— Maggie, accepted to Yale, MIT, Caltech (Part 1)

Accepted to MIT!! and rejected from UChicago (haha), but I’m perfectly fine with the overall outcome 🙂

— Maggie, accepted to Yale, MIT and Caltech (Part 2)

After all the apps, I got into Caltech, Umich, MIT, and Yale.

I think I’m going to be heading off to MIT in the fall 🙂 Thank you for all your help with the essays! It definitely made the whole application process much more manageable. I am so excited to be a college student next year!

— Maggie, accepted to MIT, Yale, Caltech (Part 3)

I just wanted to let you know that I got into Brandeis early decision! Thank you for all your help. I will definitely be passing your name on to underclassmen that I know.

Thanks again,

— Gabe, accepted to Brandeis, Early Decision

Hi Elizabeth! I just heard back from Case Western! (Literally 10 minutes ago). I’ve been accepted with $22,000 per year. Still waiting to hear back from other schools.

Thanks for all your help!

— Jiayu, accepted to Case Western

I’d just like to say thanks again for editing my college essays. More importantly, I witnessed the trademarks of a great teacher, one who not only teaches but also befriends. You were someone who not only corrected but also explained, deepening my understand on the subject at hand. Thanks to you, I will be attending Duke next fall. I will never forget.

— Kevin, accepted to Duke

I found out today that I’ve been accepted at Wellesley College! I’ll most likely enroll there in the fall.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

— Rachel, accepted to Wellesley College

I just found out that I got into Columbia so I guess I won’t be needing those extra essays . . . thank you so much for all of your help. I honestly don’t know if my essays could have been as good as they were without you!

— Alex, accepted to Columbia University, Early Decision

Thanks, Elizabeth, for our help and support during the last few months. College applications have been a journey for [our son], and I think he grew with it. We are all very happy for him, both Olin and MIT are his favorite schools and glad that he has such options. The essays came out wonderfully and reflected him well.

Thanks again.

— Dawn, parent

I was accepted from MIT’s waitlist not too long ago! I’ve decided to attend in the fall, so I’m definitely looking forward to that. Thanks so much for your help in writing the essays for all of my schools! I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks again!

— Willy, accepted to MIT

As the father of a high school junior, I wanted to encourage those considering Elizabeth’s programs. For our family the program has been a game changer, a life changer really. We knew our daughter’s ability to differentiate herself was important in the college admissions process. “Try this, do that” we told her pushing “another thing” on a teenager. Good grief. Elizabeth, not her parents, offered a structure that our daughter, Bayne, bought into. No pushing now required. What’s really happening to Bayne is her ongoing development of confidence, creativity and sense of purpose. Her project, refined by Elizabeth, has become a community service outreach, a college essay, an excitement about a possible career, and a source of pride for Bayne. All these things have complemented our daughter’s life in a very important way. But we, her parents, learned a lot along the way too. Specifically, the section on mentors. Professionally we have added a mentor to help navigate a competitive ever changing marketplace. While geared at high schoolers Elizabeth’s lessons gave us a few ideas too on getting better. Our daughter has and it appears will continue to flourish in large part because of Elizabeth’s programs. Thanks for teaching her parents a thing or two also.

— Steve, parent

We came to get help from Elizabeth a bit late, when my son got deferred from his first choice, Cornell. She helped my son to brain storm and get his ideas out. The thought process really helps with improving essays. My son got accepted to MIT and Cornell University. I would strongly recommend Elizabeth’s help for writing a solid college application essay.

— Zhigang, parent