A candle. A notebook. A cell phone. 

When it comes to supporting our students, that’s all we need!

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at the Dream School Project?

Last week, a sudden snow storm hit the East Coast. Danielle, my leader mentor was on a call with one of our students, and suddenly the power went out.

She grabbed her cell phone and texted her student. 

Two minutes later, she was back on the call with her student, notebook in hand, scribbling to the glow of her candle. 

This is what our students learn in the Dream School Project – to spring into creative action, even in the midst of chaos. 

And THIS is what helps students stand out, not just in the admissions process but in internships and job interviews and much more.

So what’s one thing you can do today that would exercise your creative muscles? Try it out, and then let me know what you did and what kind of difference it made.

Wishing you a day of inspired creativity,

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